Welcome to StartSMART!

This Pre-biz Plan Sketch Book is a tool to help you think through some important components of your business plan. In order to hit the ground running when you meet with your counselor, please fill in the boxes with some of your thoughts up to this time. You will see an explanation of each question and a sample answer to help you with the process. After you have filled in the box, check if you:

  • Have researched the idea,
  • Have a gut feel it’s true, or
  • You frankly don’t know.

It’s all right if you haven’t completely discovered the answers to the 11 questions in the sketch book. Your SBDC experience will help you expand your answers to a complete business plan if that’s the direction your ideas take you. So, as in any sketch book – have fun with it. This is the time to start putting your dreams to ink!

Pre Biz Plan